How to Create a Tutorial

Tutorials have become very popular these days due to the fact that you can basically learn about a certain subject right in the comfort of your home. Heading straight for a tutorial saves lots of precious time as well as energy that you would otherwise have to spend researching. Tutorials are designed to actually make difficult tasks a lot easier by offering simple instructions for potentially complicated steps. In this article, we will show you how to create a tutorial, in case you plan to do this in the near future.

Know Your Audience

Before creating the desired tutorial you must know exactly your audience. Once you know that you can follow the next steps in order to achieve your goal.

Organize Yourself

There is no doubt that it takes more time to create a brand new tutorial than it does to work through one. Before you start teaching others you must have your own thoughts in order. A tutorial that leaves information out it is certainly not good for anyone. Whether you are writing a how-to article or you are doing a step-by-step video, you must start with an outline that makes your tutorial organized as well as clear. The best and easiest way to get organized is to go through the process you plan to teach. It is highly recommended to take notes each step of the way. Pay very close attention to what you are doing and try to see very clearly the process through the eyes of a first-timer. When you have finished you must go through your outline and divide the process into logical steps. You can either test it yourself or ask a friend to do it for you. Test it for the second time until the bugs are worked out and all the information is 100% clear. Keep in mind that presentation plays the most important role when it comes to tutorials. Always pay good attention to details and fix grammar and spelling. Check the formatting as well.

The Content is Crucial

An excellent tutorial will always have quality information. A good presentation and a clear language are essential but if the tutorial doesn’t have great knowledge, then it isn’t worth it. Remember to give viewers an introduction as well. Tell them what you are about to teach and offer a brief overview of the areas you are going to cover. Provide a skill level, if needed. In case the tutorial you have created is quite long then break it down into manageable parts. Don’t forget that people want excellent information, but they want it fast. Once you have created the content, read it several times to see if it makes sense and if you need to add something else. Before you share your tutorial ask yourself if you are the right person to teach the lesson. You most probably know how to put a good background up on a proboard, but does this mean you are suited to give lessons? Tutorials can help you realize that you don’t know as much about a certain subject as you actually think you do. In case you don’t feel qualified to teach on a subject then it might be better to not create a tutorial.


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